Monday, August 26, 2013

Fall Programs

Our program coordinator Sue McConville has supplied the following information on our fall programs.  They sound amazing!!! Looks like we are in for an other great year. 
September 9:  Truck Show by Stasia Ceglarz:  Stasia is a self taught fibre artist who is inspired by her flowers and gardens. When she emigrated from Poland twenty eight years ago she could not understand our patterns so decided to just make her own!  Using her own designs, she hand dyes and paints her fabrics before assembling the next creation.  We will all be inspired by her outgoing personality and love of fabric.
October 21, 2013:  The 65 Project Adventure: Our October meeting is 65 days from Christmas and the holidays.  Often we are looking for that last minute or small gift to give to a hostess, a grandchild, a teacher or a friend. To help us prepare, we are going to experience the 65 kilometre project adventure! Six talented presenters will spend 10 minutes each demonstrating a project that meets the following criteria:  It must cost 65.00 or less; all materials must be available within a 65 km radius of our meeting hall; if it can be done in 65 minutes or less - so much the better!  We will provide you with note taking paper so that you can jot down your ideas.  Join us and be inspired!

November, 2013:  Truck Show: November sees the return of Jan Anderson.  Many of you will remember her amazing "quilt exercise" program that she did in the spring.  Jan spoke at that time about her love of creating unique quilted items so she is coming back to share her work with us.  Jan is a great speaker and this will be a lot of fun.  She has also promised to take ten minutes from her trunk show to review a few of those exercises!

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