Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Little Quilt of the Month Group

On January 19th the Little Quilt of the Month group met for the first time.  This month's theme  was a Love Bear for Valentines Day.   They looked so cute!!  Some of the ladies will be using them as wall hangings and other will be using them as part of a quilt.  This group will meet every third Thursday of the month (until June) to create a new quilt.  What a great way to spend a cold winter afternoon.  If the workshop committee decides to do a similar monthly session next year, I would highly recommend signing up and joining them.

MQuilt Diary Steps 3 and 4

The saga of the Mystery Quilt continues.

Well I am getting there....
Step 3
Using my "same fabric" medium to dark 2 1/2 " squares and 2 1/2 light squares ....I have made a 120  (30 x 4) half square triangles....

Step 4
Using the same fabric rectangles attach the matching  half square triangles.....took a while to find the triangles - they were hiding under some new material!!


OK Betty Ann I am catching up....

On to step #5..yikes it looks like a ton of sewing...pizza for dinner tonight!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Table Runner Workshop

Elsie Hall held her table runner workshop on January 17th. This was a great workshop for beginners or really for anyone who wanted to spend a day creating something very pretty and useful. The various material used made each runner unique.

A bonus of taking a workshop is that you get to chat with fellow quilters.

MQuilt Diary - Step 1 & 2

Okay back to the Mystery Quilt...large scrappy....

Step 1
240 units of light and dark squares sewn together


Step 2
120 four patch squares


I am now going on to step 3......getting my ruler out...this will keep me busy.....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Chop Chop Workshop

On January 12th, Anne McKinnon taught the Chop Chop Workshop.  The ladies learned some quick and easy ways to make amazing looking blocks.  Claudette supplied a couple of videos from the class....

Steven Spielberg your job is safe for now..but just wait until she gets the hang of her iphone!!

Mystery Quilting Diary - Cutting

To motivate myself and to keep up to date with Betty Ann's instructions I am going to post my progress on the cutting and the sewing of the mystery quilt.  My goal is to be caught up by the February meeting......

I have chosen the large scrappy quilt (fool) and I have cut out the 1590 pieces (360 rectangle and 1230 squares).  That's the good news...the not so good news is:

Now I must sew them together (yikes)
I don't know if I like the scraps I have chosen
There does not appear to be any noticeable reduction in my stash!!

Let the fun begin.

I shall keep you posted on my progress......

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 2012 Speaker - Nancy Johnston

Nancy Johnston is an international award winning quilter, commissioned fibre artist, published designer, custom machine quilter, and a quilting instructor.  She is also a member of our Guild....aren't we lucky!!  Nancy's truck show demonstrated her outstanding talents...

This is my favourite!!

Show and Share January 2012

As you can see from these pictures some of our ladies were very busy over the holidays...

I would sleep under this quilt Barb...