Thursday, October 18, 2012

Show and Share October Meeting

Some very striking art quilts were part of Show and Share this month. These quilts were a perfect tie in for Donna Fournier's annoucement that there will be an Art Quilt catagory at our Quilt Show.  Hope to see the items on dispay in May!!!   We also got to see some great traditional work from our members...

HRH Donna Mac and the bag ladies....

Martha Schellingerhoud

Our October meeting featured an amazingly talented quilter...Martha Schellingerhoud.  We were wowed by her quilts.  So much colour, detail and beauty.  Martha is a machine quilter and she sews every thing from piecing to quilting  on a regular household machine.  She showed us a couple of methods she uses to quilt and attached sections of the about the ultimate jigsaw puzzle. She is such an inspiration.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Show and Share September Meeting

Ten summer quilters brought in their creations.....while we were enjoying the heat of the summer they were heating up their machines and producing wonderful items....

Here are a few examples