Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Show and Share June Meeting

 Here are some of the Show and Share items......

President's RMH Donation nets $1,504.13

Our president Lorna Bawden-Smith chose RMH's  "A new Day is Dawning" drive as her campaign this year.  Her goal was to reach $1,500. from our monthly contributions.  She did it!!  She was able to give Brenda Dekoker, director of the RMH Foundation $1,504.13 at our June meeting.  Brenda gave us a interesting history of the need and the drive for this equipment, and was most appreciative of our donation.  Way to go Lorna!!

Lorna Bawden-Smith and Brenda Dekoker

Brenda Dekoker

Raffle Quilt Nets $6,338.

We presented the Learning Disabilities Association with a cheque for $6,338.  This amount was generated by the sale of raffle tickets for our quilt.  What a great job done by our Guild.  To all the members who helped make the quilt and sell the tickets..thank you.  Great co-ordination job done Donna and Jean....all tickets sold...wow...hard shoes to fill next time!

Faye Flood, Jenna Stewart, Janice Belfore, Jean Kyle, Donna Mackintosh

Dresses for Haiti

Students from LCVI presented Gertie Ottens with a 115 sun dresses to augment her contributions to Haiti.  The event was co-ordinated by Jennifer Currie, overseer of the Guild's Helping Hands activities.  Thank you ladies for your contribution.

Pot Luck Luncheon

Our June Pot Luck Luncheon was a big success.  Good food, good friends, and great entertainment.  A wonderful way to end the season!!

Great turn out for our final meeting of the year.

Mini Pearl (aka Mable Bruce) was hysterical....who knew !!